Mini Game Review: Minit

I got Minit when it was released on the Epic Games Store!

On the whole, I enjoyed the time I spent with Minit. The game looks deceptively simple, but unfolds into a game with a lot of depth and clever surprises. The map is expertly crafted to ensure that you will always be trying to reach what you are looking for with mere seconds to spare, which is the most satisfying part of the game. It’s basically a race against yourself.

The biggest problem I found with the game was that it was difficult to pick back up after being away from it for a couple of days. The game’s minimalism — which didn’t give me any indication of my progress — made it difficult to get my bearings or remember what exactly I was supposed to be doing. The game is definitely meant to be enjoyed in a single sitting, and I think taking the time to do that would have eliminated some of my frustration with its world.

I’d recommend this game to casual and experienced gamers alike, though the game definitely does lean on players having some awareness of classic top-down RPG conventions. Remember to smash every pot you see!


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